Terms & Conditions

Research Paper Labs is a reputable academic writing business. The company has a major presence in custom writing industry with a phenomenal customer base around the globe. As we are a serious business in the academic industry, we set forth specific rules for our clientele that they must obey in order to use our service.

Given below are our ‘Terms and Conditions’ that clients must read and understand prior to availing any of our services:

Terms Of Use

Research Paper Labs only provides professional help to students for referencing and researching purpose. We make it clear that our model papers must not be used in their original forms for commercial purpose. The company also strictly condemns the duplication of its model papers to generate revenue or exchange any favor. We employ only highly proficient and experienced team to deal with any paper. The company has the most qualified and talented academic writers who can create any assignment as per the standards of academic writing.

The agreement between the company and client will be initiated as soon as an order form is accepted and will be expired once the paper is completely done and all the payments are made.

The company ensures 100% accuracy in its every paper and produces a paper according to the client’s specifications.

If the client observes any serious issues in the paper, the client must notify the company within a week from the date of delivery.

The client must make sure to provide all the personal details and order specifications in the order form. The clients can furnish any missing information by contacting our online Customer Support Staff.

Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Research Paper Labs use client’s personal information for order-related queries. This will include the name, email ID and phone number of the clients. The clients can use the alias to replace the original name if they do not want to show their original name. However, the clients must not change any other information as they are vital for the completion and delivery of the order. We guarantee that all the personal details of clients will be stored in a password-protected server.

Use Of Personal Information

Research Paper Labs use client’s personal information to inform them about the latest news of our services, promotional offers, discounts, etc. We will store your personal information in a highly encrypted web server and make sure that it is not available to anyone except those with authorization.

If the client has issues with the client can withdraw from our subscription at any time. This will eliminate all personal data of the clients from our system on permanent basis.

Use Of Web-Based Information

We use online information to supervise the IP addresses and cookies of our website’s visitors. The information helps us analyze how visitors utilize our web resources. This enables us to optimize our web pages in an efficient way so that the visitors can have a better experience of our online resources.

Refund Policy

If the client is unsatisfied with the 7 set of revisions, the client must inform us through our online channels before approaching anyone for arbitration. Afterwards, the company will either:

Seek services of another academic writer who can execute the paper in a timely manner


Disburse the amount to the client

NOTE: Research Paper Labs cannot give surety for minor issues in paper or slight delay in the delivery. Therefore, we will not entertain any claim under any of the above mentioned circumstances.

Contact And Dispute Resolution

If the client is not satisfied with the final draft, the client must give us a notification prior to getting help from a third party.

If both the Research Paper Labs and client do not settle on a mutual agreement even after 14 days, the client can contact any third party for direct settlement.

If a client seeks an arbitrator without first informing the company, the act will be considered as a violation of contract and will be handled as per the company’s policy.

Cancellation Policy

We are authorized to cancel an order on the basis of following circumstances:

If we cannot find a competent academic writer to accomplish a paper

If we have doubts on execution of a paper due to the given deadline

If the client breaches any of the clauses of ‘Terms and Conditions’, we will terminate the order without any delay

NOTE: If Research Paper Labs accepts an order but cannot finish it due to any unforeseen situations, immediate measures will be taken to pay refund to the client.

Delivery Agreement

We guarantee that a paper will be sent to the client’s email address on the specified date

The company ensures accurate formatting of a paper as mentioned in the order form

We never charge any additional fee for the delivery of a paper

Customer Support Service

The company will dedicate an exclusive team of Customer Support Service to serve the clients

We will provide efficient and responsive Customer Support Representatives who will assist the clients round the clock till the completion of paper

No Plagiarism Guaranteed

We practice all the measures to avoid copied contents and hence provide only original paper to our clients

The company gives surety of originality with an anti-plagiarism report which is provided along with the final draft

NOTE: Research Paper Labs retains all the rights to add or change any clause from its ‘Terms and Conditions’ without prior notice. However the clients will be notified once any changes are endorsed.