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A research paper is nothing without solid evidence and proper facts and figures. This is why it is mandatory that you conduct a thorough research, gain a ton of knowledge and present everything in writing in a clear and concise manner.

Your research paper will contain a list of references that will show how much you have read where you have collected the data from. If you provide only one or two sources, then you will make your paper extremely weak with your own hands. Plus, you will have to stay far away from Wikipedia.

Your professor requires you to go through various scholarly articles, journals, books, interviews, etc. to gain knowledge. If you don’t fulfill this requirement and fail to create an impressive list of references, then it will be devastating for your grades.

So…Once you have gathered sufficient matter after reading widely, here is how to write a research paper with quality:


This is the first paragraph of your research. You must write your introductory paragraph in a very compelling manner if you wish to impress your readers, mainly your professor. This paragraph is responsible for capturing the attention of your professor. Thus, you must avoid verbosity and share to-the-point information only. Remember, you will have to include your thesis statement in this paragraph as well. It will tell your professor what problem you will resolve in the subsequent paragraphs.


After you complete the introduction, you have to write 2-3 body paragraphs (or more – Check your professor’s guidelines). These paragraphs will discuss / resolve the problem that you have highlighted in the introductory paragraph. You will have to provide solid argument with facts and figures to prove your point-of-view. Remember, each unique point will be discussed in a separate paragraph. It’s important to organised the information in a logical manner. Everything must flow smoothly and you must transit from one point to another without creating any ambiguities. Your body paragraphs will show how much you have learnt and how well you can describe your findings.


This will be the last paragraph of your research. It’s a mistake to simply summarize everything in this paragraph. This paragraph provides food for thought and makes you look more credible. Therefore, it must never be written haphazardly.

So…This is how you can write a research paper.

Remember…This paper requires time and complete dedication. It will be wrong to think that you will get the work done in a couple of hours. You must spend quality time reading and collecting solid information.

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