Become The Apple Of Your Boss’s Eyes- Simple Tips To Win Over Your Boss!


You seek for your parent’s approval to do things when you are small; teacher’s approval when you go to school and coach’s approval when you are on the field. But, when you grow up and step into the practical life, all you want to do is to seek appreciation from your boss and win him over. If you have always wanted to be the apple of your boss’s eyes but never knew how to, then take a look at the following few ways to win over his trust and support:

Learn To Accept Your Failures

You are a human, and humans make mistakes. But, the biggest person is the one who has the ability to accept his failures in front of his boss. Not everybody owns up to the blunders, and those who do are always respected in the workplace. This will not only make your boss appreciate your courage but also build up his trust in you.

Stand Up For Challenging Projects And Assignments

Who can be better than a dedicated and eager to learn employee in the eyes of the boss. Employers like those who are always up for taking up extra work and challenging projects. However, it is highly advisable to not take more work than you can easily handle. Even if you are volunteering for some work and you fail to meet the deadline, it would leave a bad impression on your boss.

Make Peace With Your Boss’s Mood Swings

Be consistent; both work and personality wise. You cannot change the personality or mood of your boss so you might as well make peace with it. Start your day by following the mood of your employer and work accordingly. Make sure that you are not doing something that can tick him off and make you look bad in front of him. Also, do not let his mood affect you in any way; superiority comes with a lot of responsibilities and day-to-day problems.

Be Sincere To Yourself And Your Boss

If you are not honest to yourself, you cannot be honest with anybody else. Always be sincere towards your job and the responsibilities and tasks your boss has assigned to you. Refrain from talking about him with your colleagues in the workplace. If you have any kind of an issue with him, go to him and discuss it out in a professional manner instead of talking behind his back with anyone else. This sincerity is sure to build up trust with your boss.

Leave Only After Your Boss Leaves The Office

Work on the next day’s work pile or keep yourself busy with some work, but do not leave before your employer leaves the office premises. It would not leave a good impression if he comes around your office and does not find you there.

Working on your relationship with boss would not only provide a better understanding of his expectations but it would also provide you with numerous bonuses within the organization and opportunities to take your career on the right path.

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