Interactive Approach to Facilitate Learning

facilitate learning

Out of many roles, facilitate learning is the most important role that a teacher has to carry out. A teacher is greatly responsible for making the learning process much easy and interactive for the students.

It doesn’t mean that in order to engage students, teachers have to use the drilling pattern to foster learning. A teacher should use interactive teaching approach by making things easy for the students to learn and make use in practical life.

At times a teacher has to look beyond the typical teaching approach.

How you can achieve the goal:

There are many ways that a teacher could make use of for facilitating the learning process.

  • Changing teaching methods to involve different learning styles.
  • Giving options to students to choose from to develop their interest.
  • Bring in real life experiences to make the session more meaningful.
  • Do not enforce the students to learn.

Let’s look at these methods in detail now:

Bringing changes in teaching methodology:

Incorporating different teaching methods to promote learning are always effective. This means that you make use of other techniques to facilitate learning rather than just depending on the traditional teaching practices. As said above there can be many ways you can use to teach such as: you can involve the class just by giving explanation of something with relevant real-life examples, you can either involve the whole class in discussion or just make the groups of students and assign the task.

Moreover, you may use many role play activities where the students will gain the real life experience, you can invite guest speaker to boost up their learning or may work through different presentation styles etc.

 Giving options to students to choose from to develop their interest:

 Another way of boosting confidence and learning level is by giving students various options to learn through. If the students know that their teacher will keep their say, they will become more enthusiastic towards studies. They will do their best to own that particular subject.

Mostly what teachers practice is that in order to provide easy learning environment they provide complete teaching material to the students. This way the students will start relying on your material, without doing any efforts to gain the knowledge on their own. It will be like they would whether they show any efforts or not, still they would get their hands on teacher’s material.

The question is how will you give choices to the students? Well the answer to this is really simple. All you have to so is to pick a few topics you want to introduce in the class, after that ask the students to either form groups or work on individual basis, by selecting the topic of their choice.

For this, you may provide them various topics from their course and ask them to carry out proper research work.

Exposure with real life experiences:

In order to facilitate learning, the role play technique has always been a best to incorporate. If you make them role play in any scenario, this would definitely open their minds and they will enjoy learning this way.

Do not enforce the students:

One of the biggest mistakes that some teachers usually make is that they force students to come out of their comfort zone. However, if you keep pushing them, chances are high that they will run from your sessions. And forcing them to do something can also put negative impact on their confidence level all over.

These are a few ways you can facilitate learning. Always remember that keeping a strict attitude towards learners can make it difficult for them to leave their comfort zones. In order to get them involved and active in the session, you must keep interacting with the students.

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