How To Develop Good Reading Habits Among Your Children



Take a good look around you, and you would find plenty of people who do not like to read much.  Reading is one habit that must be developed, especially in children, from an early age. Instilling the love for reading not just helps the kids with their education but also helps in polishing their overall personality. Children learn about a thousand different things by reading books that they simply cannot learn just by attending school. Continue reading, and take a look at the following tips if you are looking for ways to help your children develop the wonderful and personality-changing habit of reading:

  • Make Sure The Kids Have Something To Read At All Times

How can you expect your child to pick up a book and read if there are no books available around them? Make a small library in the house for your kids and make sure it holds enough collection of books that would interest them. And not just in the library, put appealing books in the family lounge and in their bedrooms too. You would be increasing the chances of your children reading books by making the books easily available for them.


  • Take Out Some Time Especially For Reading

Why can’t there be a separate reading time when you have specified timings to watch TV and doing school homework? Pick a time where you feel your child is fresh and fix that time for everyday reading. Start with smaller durations of reading, and then you can gradually increase the reading time period according to the age of your child. Closely notice when your child feels the happiest while reading; some kids love to read in the afternoon whereas others like to read right before they go to bed.


  • Plan An Outdoor Trip

Change the environment of your child and take him somewhere exciting to read books, like a library. No matter how large a collection of books you have at home, you would never be able to compare it with the amount of variety you get at a library. You can also roam around your area and explore different book stores where you can take your child to experience something new and different than reading at home or a library. Such outdoor trips can be made a weekly or bi-monthly event for kids.


  • Discuss The Cover Of Books With Your Children

This is an interesting yet interactive way to develop the interest of a child in reading books; be it their course book or a general story book. See what your child first notices about the cover of book and take it from there. Discussing the scene/image on the cover and what your child thinks of the title of book develops all the more interest in reading it.


  • Make Reading A Social Event

Invite all the friends of your child and provide them an environment where they cannot only socialize but read as well together as a reading group. You can set up literature circles, book clubs or arrange for monthly reading events at different places.

Developing good reading habits in children not only helps in enhancing their comprehension but it also makes them a better person. Try different approaches to help children learn and read, if you may. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis sums up the importance of reading a book:

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.”

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