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Become The Apple Of Your Boss’s Eyes- Simple Tips To Win Over Your Boss!

You seek for your parent’s approval to do things when you are small; teacher’s approval when you go to school and coach’s approval when you are on the field. But, when you grow up and step into the practical life, all you want to do is to seek appreciation from your boss and win him over. If you have always wanted to be the apple of your boss’s eyes but never knew how to, then take a look at the following few ways to win over his trust and support: Learn To Accept Your Failures You are a human, and humans make mistakes. But, the biggest person is the one who has the ability t

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How You Can Get the Job Using Social Media

Social media provides us a great platform to connect with people socially by sharing our thoughts and moments of day to day life. With helping us in so many fields, social media can also be a go to platform for those in search of jobs right after their graduation or post-graduation. It is the time when we see everyone spending a great amount of time over social media. Out of them the students are also in a great number, making use of social media in both their study purpose and job finding after graduation or post-graduation. As we all know social media is a bit public platform, where we

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Career Advancement: Navigate Your Flight to The Right Path

Every employee in the organization wishes to be at a vivid position and wants job enrichment. For this one needs to be highly ambitious for the achievement of goals. There must be some skills and abilities that compels boss to choose you for promotion among the pool of employees. For this you have to prove yourself as a worthy candidate. Here are some career advancement tips that will help uplift your career to new horizons. 1.1   Be an innovative thinker Think beyond the boundaries and search for something new and creative. Try to impress your boss by some productive ideas. If you

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