Career Advancement: Navigate Your Flight to The Right Path


Every employee in the organization wishes to be at a vivid position and wants job enrichment. For this one needs to be highly ambitious for the achievement of goals. There must be some skills and abilities that compels boss to choose you for promotion among the pool of employees. For this you have to prove yourself as a worthy candidate. Here are some career advancement tips that will help uplift your career to new horizons.

1.1   Be an innovative thinker

Think beyond the boundaries and search for something new and creative. Try to impress your boss by some productive ideas. If your boss likes your idea, he will definitely appreciate it and so chances of your promotion will grow.

Organizations do not guarantee lifetime employment, so be an entrepreneur. Learn to take risk for this the only way to ensure whether you’re heading the right way.

1.2   Be competent

Competence is assessed in every organization or firm since it is the only thing your employer requires. Demonstrate your competence through punctuality, dedication, passion and sincerity.

1.3   Take interest in work

Do your work with great enthusiasm and passion. Show your hunger for more, competitive tasks or responsibilities. Ask others if they need your help with a project. Taking responsibilities and assuring them will make your worth in the organization. In fact, the best way to impress your boss is to show interest in work.

1.4   Help your boss

If you can do something in a better way than others and can benefit the organization through your personal contacts, then do so without thinking twice. After all, if you are doing something for your company’s benefit, who would hinder. Moreover, this will show how dedicated you are to your organization.

1.5   Develop interpersonal skills

People who have strong interpersonal skills have three main qualities i.e. they are strong listener, sharp thinker and best respondent. Strong interpersonal skills capture the attention of top level managers. Bosses usually keep searching people for their meetings who have strong interpersonal skills. This might open doors of opportunities for you.

1.6   Learn to sell yourself

In an organization you must learn the art to sell your accomplishments. Make sure people know about the successful programs you have conducted or organized. Who knows you might get a call from a multi-national company.

1.7   Never stop learning

Learning never stops, so keep acquiring new knowledge for continuous career growth. Bring prosperity in the organization by your expertise and dexterity. Stay in touch with new trends and developments in the society to keep organization up-to-date.

1.8   Act like a professional

Your way of speaking and personality should reflect that you are a competent professional. Deliver speeches and sell yourself by attending seminars and conferences. Moreover, your dressing should be according to the code of conduct of the organization.

1.8 Grow your network

Expanding social network will open new doors of opportunities for you. If you are going to hunt a job for the first time, it will be better if some people are already there in the organization to assist you. Through strong social network, you will keep yourself up to date with the new job openings and career opportunities.

1.9   Break All The Stops

Prefer working at a place where there is a chance of promotion and prosperity. Don’t waste your qualification and experience stuck at one place for years. Keep asking advisors and your seniors what can you do for further career growth. Contact to career counseling centers because they can best guide you about what to do in the next step.

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