7 Characteristics Of An Attractive Research Paper

research-paperWhile writing a research paper can be considered as an easy work by some students, writing an outstanding one is definitely a difficult task. Considering the impact of even the smallest errors on the readers’ feedback, make sure to avoid shortcuts while writing a research paper. Give due attention to all basic elements of a research paper in order to create a perfect one.

If you have a research paper to write and no clue about what to do and what special qualities to include in your paper, take a look at following characteristics of a good research paper:

1.       Controlled

It is a very important element that should be present in a well-written research paper. Readers often get bored while reading long paragraphs and useless information. You are expected to plan first and then include information in your paper considering the attention span and interest of the readers. So, plan ahead and shortlist the information you are going to include in your paper during the research process accordingly.

2.       Accuracy

A valid research paper is all about accuracy of facts and attention to details. Your paper will fail to grab the attention of readers if the information you are providing is not accurate or lack support of references. When you are researching for your topic, make sure to note down all the references or points you plan to include in your paper in drafts and mention them in your final work as well. Double check the source of information and references, and provide only the most accurate information and statistics in your paper if you want appreciation for your efforts.

3.       Clarity

The basic purpose of a research paper is to clear ambiguity from the topic instead of creating it. So, make sure to avoid any statement or point in your research paper that may distract or confuse the audience.

4.       Verifiable

Do not quote anything you have heard unless you can provide a valid reference for it. A research paper without references appears like a mere unprofessional piece of work, and you do not want to give that impression to your audience if your research paper holds great importance. So, make sure to include only the most authentic information in your paper and provide references for all the statistics and statements that you are quoting in it.

5.       Layout

Do not at any cost deviate from the pattern of a valid research paper. Get yourself some help or find the correct order of writing through internet or library if you are confused about the writing order of introduction, method, table of contents and etc.

6.       Generalizable

The findings in your research paper should be generalizable. Selection of the right topic is the key element in creating a generalizable research paper. So, select a topic wisely and conclude your research paper on points that are of practical application in society.

7.       Originality

There is a fine line between quoting somebody’s words with their references and claiming someone else’s work to be yours. Understand this difference, and make sure to never claim any other person’s findings or words to be yours when writing a research paper. Plagiarized research paper gives out the worst impression to audience. So, make sure to write up an entirely original one.

While all these characteristics or qualities are essential to make a research paper look attractive to audience, you should also search about tips for topic selection according to the nature of your subject. It is always best to research well and understand requirements for each topic besides following the above given guidelines.

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